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PR Mama


PR Mama

I'm Alicia, a.k.a. PR Mama, and it's my job to spread the good word about Mama's zero toxin wonders. I also run The Soft Landing, a resource to help parents decrease their family's exposure to toxic chemicals. Which reminds me, doesn't Mama know I don't have time to write a dang bio? Sheesh. Everyone around here knows I live by Q & D Standards (you know, quick and dirty). You want something done yesterday? Send it my way. I'm a safety and science research geek, a social media junkie and can work from anywhere. I'm serious. The pool, the grocery store, the campground, the dinner table (Shhh! Don't tell Mr. Man that I'm sneaking in texts and emails during dinner!). So if you end up on my to-do list - watch out - cause something's about to happen!

Boxer Mama


Boxer Mama
Hi! I am excited to have joined the Earth Mama Angel Baby family! When not at work, I am the proud mama of a 7th and a 5th grader-both healthy, happy, intelligent boys! We love to garden, play, eat and go on adventures! We have a fighting fish and a cat; they never come with us on our many adventures-not sure they notice!




My name's Belinda, but they call me Mrs. B. I fell in love with Earth Mama when I reviewed products for my highly paid blog on one of the first online green eco-sites. You can tell that's a long time ago, since no one gets paid to blog nowadays! Since then my love for Earth Mama has grown and I've become the Big Idea Gal, Mama's sounding board, Keeper of the Mama Mission and Voice, one of the helpful Facebook Mamas, and the senior (OK, oldest) member of the bustling Marketing Team! Sometimes I have to tell everyone to shut up and leave me alone so I can don my nipple cap and have a good think. Good things usually come when I do!

Network Administrator


Network Administrator
Here at Earth Mama HQ, Ben turns 1s and 0s flowing in the Earth Mama Angel Baby computer network into Xs and Os. He monitors the behaviors of the servers and workstations; making sure emails get to where they’re going and orders transfer from the website to the warehouse. He has been quoted as saying “there are 10 kinds of people in the world: people that know binary, and people that don’t.”

Away from Earth Mama HQ, he enjoys playing tabletop games, Linux shell scripting, and using the Oxford Comma. Ben is most proud of his continuing work as the father of Rose. Having already taught Rose how to turn beach sand into silicon wafers, he is looking forward to giving her a Raspberry Pi so that she can learn computer coding.

Ben remembers where he is when typing his email address by reciting the simple mnemonic phrase: “Mama Always Makes another Soap If the Gallons Upon Your Attic, That Everyone Always Requests To Have Moved, Aren’t Moved, And Another Nearby Gallon Exits Like Buffalos Alongside Bill’s Yellow Dandelion, Or Tom’s Completely Obscured Mirror.”

Sales Mama


Sales Mama
Hi – I’m Beth. I’m the brand new Sales Mama. I feel privileged to be working with such a fine group of people and a fantastic line of Mama and Baby care products. My job is to do anything that has to do with sales and I LOVE my job!

I have lived in California and Texas, finally arriving in Oregon 6 years ago. I moved here to be close to my daughter, son-in-law and two beautiful grandsons. And I never want to live anywhere else!

I have worn several hats in the world of sales. Boutique dress shop, travel agency owner, produce broker (Watermelons and Pumpkins), Sales Admin for a manufacturer’s representative in the toy industry, and now here I am at Earth Mama!

President/Chief Fabricator


President/Chief Fabricator

I run this bidness. Mama Melinda is my idea. She's not even real, I made her up one day when I was working in my garage. I thought, "Hey, why don't I pretend my wife has a job, even if she doesn't?" So I figured I'd create this fake company and see if anybody would fall for it.

After all, I'm a journalism grad. I worked in printing and publishing for 30 years; I can dream up a good story about a woman who loved her herb garden so much she decided to share her ideas with the world.

What could possibly go wrong??

Whatever...it's a great story. Check it out on the web site.

Graphics Mama


Graphics Mama
After taking some time to be at home with my Monkey – who’s now a big second grader – it was time to find a new work home and put my design skills to the test. And lucky for me, Earth Mama has welcomed me with open arms.

As the newest member of the graphics team, I make pretty everything from the web to recipe cards. What’s better than looking at cute babies and beaming Mamas-to-be all day?

When I’m not making babies look even cuter (“how could they get even cuter?!” is what you’d hear if you were in my head), I spend time with my daughter, my best friend of a husband, and our sweet – yet Kooky – dog. You can most likely find us on a trail, sledding down a hill, buying up real estate with paper Monopoly money during dinner, munching on our garden’s bounty, or playing croquet on the beach. Where ever you find me, I’m almost always playing and laughing — two of my favorite pastimes.

Graphics Gal


Graphics Gal
Hello! My name is Jenni and I’m part of the Graphic Design department at Earth Mama Angel Baby! I work on designs primarily for the web and social media but I dabble in a little bit of everything graphic here. I love to draw and paint as well as create computer based graphics. In my free time away from the computer I enjoy travel and most everything outdoor from camping, hiking, and gardening, to rock climbing, biking and snowboarding. I enjoy most of this with my husband, and dog Stella.

Nuts and Bolts Mama


Nuts and Bolts Mama

Call me Ishmael. Or Betsy. Chances are I'll answer to both. After a decade in the hotel/book industries, I wandered into the arms of my Earth Mama family and I couldn't be happier! I have been known to fiddle around in the lab and pack or box or two...but I ALWAYS give the best darn customer care that Oregon has to offer. Call me. I triple dog dare you! I bake (too much), read (too much) and hardly ever vacuum (enough). My life is filled with the love of a tribe of kittens, a super-dee-duper family and one Bob The Boyfriend (not to be confused with Bob The Builder). A day without laughter is unacceptable and luckily, the folks here seem to find me funny. Life is short and I'm just happy to be here!

Mr. Finance


Mr. Finance

I, John Wagner (AKA Mr. Finance) am known for my love of numbers. As a young man I was deeply involved in counting my mother's loose change and then figuring out how to spend it. As the years passed I began to accumulate change of my own and enjoyed counting it, too, but not so much spending it. At the company I am tasked with tracking the inflows and outflows of money much like I did in my youth, but on a larger scale. I also want everyone to know that the stereotype of accountants being dull and boring is a myth. If you don't believe it just ask me to regale you with tales of the epic struggle to divine which inventory methodology, LIFO or FIFO, best benefits the human race. If that doesn't sound interesting I can recount stories of my wife, two kids, dog or 3 cats. Your choice.

Cargo Mama


Cargo Mama
Hmmm ~ what to say about me!

I’m a small town country girl who is still in love with my husband of 33 years. We have the advantage of both loving music and we play in a band in the Portland metro area. I also love to read and grow green things that I can eat. We have one daughter, Aleasha, age 32, who is a massage therapist who we are very proud of. We also love reaping the benefits of her profession.

My second “love” is my dog Tucker. Everyone here at Earth Mama Angel Baby knows how I feel about him. Since we live on small acreage, we also have two cats who so far have outwitted the other critters around the house.

So ~ most of my spare time is spent playing music, practicing music, or tinkering in my yard. It keeps me more than busy!!!

Chief Recommendatrix


Chief Recommendatrix

Favorite Color: Passionate Purple

Favorite Time of Day: Sunrise

Favorite Indulgence: Ben & Jerry's "Cherry Garcia"

Favorite Quote to live by: "Be the Change in the World You Wish to See."

Hey there! My name is Kimberly and I've been lovin' on mama's and babies since the birth of my son in 1996. I've worn lots of fun hats over the years - everything from production coordinator in the silly music business to marketing and PR "funny business", and from childbirth educator to birth and postpartum doula. But by far the prettiest and most fun chapeau I've donned to date, is the one I wear at Earth Mama Angel Baby. I get to share the love and goodness with new mamas and babies through maternity stores, boutiques, birthing facilities, healthcare professionals and such.

As a doula and childbirth educator since 2000, I came to know and adore Earth Mama Angel Baby products and the lovely Free Birth Plan, and recommend the family of products to all my clients.

When I'm not spreading the Earth Mama Angel Baby love throughout the world, I'm a Mama to my own brood which includes my teenage son, and my two furry pug babies. We have all used and are big fans of Earth Mama Angel Baby, priding ourselves on finding new uses for the products! In my quiet times I enjoy knitting, reading, cooking, making homemade cheese, home crafted beer, growing my very own aeroponic organic garden, and even picking up a brush and expressing myself with paint.

If you're ever in the neighborhood make sure to stop in, say "Howdy" and share in some of our home crafted goodies!

Shipping Hawk


Shipping Hawk
Making sure all package's leave the nest safe and secure much like I watch over my son.

Lab Technician


Lab Technician
My name is Liliya and I love working in the lab at Earth Mama. I moved to America 10 years ago from Ukraine. I love Oregon with all its beautiful flowers. I'm married with a daughter and I'm so glad that I'm part of this family too!

Shipping Executor


Shipping Executor

My name is Ryan, aka. "Marty." The Marty is short for Marty Stewart, a nickname I have acquired since I am a single dad raising two kids on my own. I have become quite the homemaker. Hence the Marty Stewart. Here at Earth Mama I am the man that makes all of the packages full of our wonderful product find their new homes. If it needs checked, shipped, wrapped, lifted, moved, received, QC'd, built, or researched I am your guy. You might have trouble finding me in the warehouse though, because I move like a Ninja. Just look for the shiny headed flash flittering about.

Mama In Charge


Mama In Charge

I started a list of what I do here at Earth Mama, and decided it would be easier to write a list of what I don't do. Here's what I don't do: anything that has to do with bookkeeping. Oh sure, early on, I kept the books for Earth Mama in a little hand-written ledger book. Now we have a team of accounting brilliants, and I appreciate their cash-flow skills, budgeting and balance sheets from afar.

I'm not sure if the actual buck stops here - if we're talking about the dollar I'd be happy it if it did - but certainly the purity, the safety, the responsibility, and the care of every person in this company, as well as every product that we make, all that begins and ends with me. I take all that very seriously, and I get all mama-bear if someone gets in the way.

Here's what I am. I'm a nurse/herbalist and the founder, formulator and CEO of Earth Mama. When I became enthralled with the study of medicinal herbs, it was never my intention to start a company. But thanks to my best friend/husband, I had the freedom to spend several years doing nothing but studying and gardening. I spent many, many hours with dirt under my nails and my butt in the air, learning from the plants themselves. I grew, blended, infused, tinctured, mixed and stirred, learning the many herbal "delivery systems": teas and tinctures, soaps and salves, oils, sprays and poultices - the works.

I vividly remember searching high and low for the "rule book" for how to take a business from a start-up in my kitchen, dining room, garage and laundry room, to an international giant. I'll let you know when I find it.

Sales Coordinator Goddess


Sales Coordinator Goddess

When people hear my name I'm often get asked if it is like the Toyota or the Indian Chief, I give them a "you just made a funny face" and tell them, nope, it's like the tree! The Sequoia Redwood tree that is; of the Sequoiadendron giganteum family - now of the Earth Mama Angel Baby family.

I love people (seriously!) and giving great customer service is my job (super seriously)! That means I get the awesome privilege of being the "Mama" on the end of the phone. I've taken the Earth Mama Team Title of 'Newbie' while I learn the lay and product of the land. Each day is an awesome adventure with some good, deep laughter which I feel honored and happy to be a part of.

I'm Tall and Strong as I walk the walk of life ...being a daughter, sister, wife and mother to my precious toddler, Stella Ruth.

Head Box Juggler


Head Box Juggler

As one of the newest members of the Earth Mama Angel Baby team, I'm doing a lot of observing and learning the "fluidity" of a passionate company. I came from 13 years in the corporate world and am excited and over-whelmed by the opportunities to make a difference inside and outside of this amazing organization. I feel like I GET to come to work each day and that is awesome!

I manage the distribution team as well as provide sales support to our international customers. I have been tasked with implementing "best practices" that will allow us to grow with grace and transparency. I bring years of experience from a structured workplace (left brain) and am so glad to hang out with creative (right brain) folks all day. Possibilities abound!

My husband and I are the proud parents of four amazing children (19, 17, 15, & 11). My email at
Earth Mama Angel Baby is distributionmama@..., but my family thinks it would be better shortened to "disturbedmama@.... "! Hmmmm....

Merchant Wrangler Extraordinaire


Merchant Wrangler Extraordinaire

I am Tara, the National Sales Manager for Earth Mama Angel Baby. Earth Mama Angel Baby is my favorite client because of the people here and the products we all are privileged to work with. I love my work, having been in the natural products trade for over 35 years, because I am able to work with some of the best products ever made-clean, authentic, beautiful products that enrich everyone's lives who come into contact with them. And I also get to know amazing, heart centered people who work with those beautiful products.

I am living in the woods of Idaho, having come from beautiful but BUSY No California, and love the quiet beauty here. In my heart I am an organic gardener, composting being my favorite part, and a perpetual home remodeler who loves to sing, to dance and to spend time with my kids and grandkids. I travel for my business quite a lot, so am always glad to come back home to the woods for a break from life's busy-ness.

Mama's Helper


Mama's Helper

Known around Earth Mama HQ as Mama's right hand (even though she's left-handed) and the enforcer (this one is news to me but not exactly a surprise-I'm sure they mean it lovingly). I'm the customer care supervisor, hospital outreach extraordinaire, connecting thousands of new babies with safer alternatives and I try to wrangle the marketing department when they get all crazy. And when my day ends here I go and start my real full time job, playing cars with my two adorable boys and swishing cloth diapers in the toilet. Working at Earth Mama has broadened my passion for safer alternatives for cleaning products, organic food and personal care for my whole family. Anybody who knows me will tell you I won't shut up about how much I love my job, and I really mean it.

Earth Mama Angel Baby is proud to be recognized by the following organic associations!
No Secrets American Botanical Council Best For Babies
American Herbal Products Association Herb Research Foundation
Organic Consumers Association Organic Trade Association Green America Certified Business

Earth Mama Mission

Earth Mama believes in the natural process of birth, and the healing power of nature. Our mission is to provide safe, herbal alternatives for pregnant, postpartum and breastfeeding women, and babies of all ages, and to help educate people about traditional plant medicine and safe personal care. We manufacture natural and organic products that work, combining generations of women's wisdom and traditional plant medicine with the safety and assurances of contemporary evidence based research. If it doesn't measure up to Mama's standards, it doesn't leave the building. That's Mama's Promise®.

Mama's Standards

Product safety is the most important thing. Every Earth Mama product is made with only pure, natural worry-free ingredients. We continually refine products as organic ingredients or more efficient herbs are available. Of course there are no toxins ever.

We have a sincere faith in the natural process of birthing babies, and formulate easy-to-use herbal products to support mamas and babies through the entire miraculous birth process, from pregnancy through postpartum recovery, breastfeeding, baby care, and even the loss of a baby.

We rely on plant wisdom that has been passed down from great-grandmother to grandmother to mother to daughter; we combine that wisdom with the safety and assurances of contemporary evidence-based research.

We provide research, tools and products that can empower women with knowledge about the earth's natural resources so they can safely nurture themselves and their angel babies. It is also our goal, in times of grief, to help provide real physical support, resource information, and emotional and spiritual comfort to women who have experienced the loss of a baby.

Reduce, reuse, recycle. We choose green and toxin-free business practices because we have a company-wide commitment to honor the earth and her valuable resources.

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Mama's Testimonials

"I bought my friend an Earth Mama gift basket for her baby shower and she loved it. Everybody 'oooohed and aaahhhed' at what a cool gift it was." Angelica H. Burbank, CA
"After battling with severe diaper rash for what seemed to be an eternity and trying every diaper rash cream and treatment available and ending up having to give my baby antibiotics because his skin was tearing the rash had gotten so bad, I found your Angel Baby Bottom Balm while searching online for a cure. I was skeptical at first, as I had tried so many products only to have them fail. None of them offered the relief they promised. I ordered the "Little Something for Baby's Sore Bottom" package and washed his bottom with the Angel Baby Diaper Rash Soap upon arrival and applied the balm. After one application of your Angel Baby Bottom Balm I noticed a tremendous difference by the next diaper change. By morning the redness was completely gone. Thank you so much for giving my little man the relief he needed. Your shipping was incredibly fast as I ordered late in the day and my order was shipped the same day. Again THANK YOU!!" Georgia Mom of 2
"Angel Baby Bottom Balm is more than just a diaper rash cream. I use this on my son's entire body. It works miracles for my son's eczema. I can't get enough of it!" Kia A. Hughson, CA
"I received a jar of Angel Baby Bottom Balm from my mother. I have to say, this was the best goodie yet. I used it several times on my 9 month old angel Natalie's bottom for rashes. One application right before bedtime, and by morning, the rash is gone. She also developed a yeast-type infection from her chubby thigh creases (love them!), and her pediatrician wrote a prescription for cream. I never filled it, as I tried the Angel Baby Bottom Balm and it worked - in 2 applications! I also used it on my 5 1/2 year old son, who had what appeared to be a burn on his arm, and it cleared up in a day or two. Thank you, and thank you again. You have a believer in me (and my angels)!" Carol C.
"I just wanted to send a rave review and thank you for your Bottom Balm. My son is 20 months old and for quite some time now has suffered near-chronic diaper rash. He has extremely sensitive skin and it seemed that we could do nothing to prevent the diaper rash from returning. My sister had given me a newborn gift set from Earth Mama Angel Baby that included a jar of the Angel Baby Bottom Balm; I'd just never used it. So, I gave it a try. Within a very short period of time, the balm totally cleared up my son's rash. We have been using it after every diaper change now for a month, and I have to say, the appearance of the skin on his bottom is 100% better. I've also used the balm on some of his cuts and scrapes and have noticed that they heal quicker. I just want to thank you for an incredible product. I had tried EVERYTHING on the market - every single brand of diaper cream and nothing came remotely close to your product's effectiveness. I am very into reading labels, so I also appreciate the organic and all-natural aspect of your product as well. My son asks for the balm by name. When it's diaper change time, he yells, "Bom! Bom! Bom!" and after I put it on, he will say "ahhhhh!" So thank you so much - I'm pregnant with our second baby and I will use this from the get-go with him/her." Very truly yours, S. O. Philadelphia, PA
"EMAB got me through this pregnancy! I had heartburn like you WOULDN'T BELIEVE...the Earth Mama Heartburn Tea REALLY DID help! Had a c-section and have been using the C-Mama Healing Salve&trade. I am unable to breastfeed due to medical reasons, so that No More Milk Tea came in very handy as I tried to "de-gorge" my poor boobs, who have now gone back to their droopy selves! And of course...the Angel Baby Bottom Balm. I change her and she is ALL RED, put on the Angel Baby Bottom Balm and the next change...she is white again! I'm so glad I can actually use the products. Of course Amaya, my oldest, loves her Angel Baby Shampoo and Body Wash and now I have real baby to use it on. I just wanted to let you know that you create some really sweet products! xoxox," Julie K. Portland OR
"SO, I'm emailing because I have to tell you how fabulous the Angel Baby Bottom Balm is!!!! Emily has not really suffered from diaper rash at all (we love changing her diaper), but now that she's sleeping longer at night, she did indeed get some diaper rash. I put the Angel Baby Bottom Balm on and poof! The diaper rash was gone and has stayed gone. It's FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And it smells great for me!!!" Leslie B.Bellybar
"I just wanted to say how much I love your products. We are very conscious of the products we use for ourselves and our baby boy, and we love how earth friendly and body friendly you have made your products. We have used the Earth Mama Bottom Balm, New Mama Bottom Spray, Angel Baby Bottom Balm, Angel Baby Oil, Natural Nipple Butter and Natural Stretch Oil and find that all of these products are top of the line. I have recommended them to all of my friends with children. Not only are your products safe, but they are incredibly effective. Thank you for making high quality products that are perfect for our angel baby and his earth mama." Jodi R. P. Castle Rock, CO
"I had my baby this past November and due to his congenital heart defect and other complications we are still in the ICU at Children's Hospital in Boston. He had gotten his first diaper rash and I brought in the Angel Baby Bottom Balm and it cleared it right up! Not only that, he gets fussy when being changed, but settles right down when I put the balm on. The nurses love the product as well and everyone raves about it. I will certainly tell everyone how wonderful it is and I can't wait to try more products. You are truly a great company. Thank you for taking the time to make such a great product, it has made our hospital life a little easier :-)" Becca mom to Jasper!
"We really love your Bottom Balm as well and that is something which I have passed onto a number of friends. It was first recommended to me by a maternity nurse here in the UK when I first had my baby and ever since I started using it, I loved it and had my mums bring back more every-time she travelled to the UK to visit me. These little jars last forever and we have them stashed everywhere - changing station, diaper bags, in the car, the pram, my purse! Since then, I have also passed on some jars to friends in Germany and Switzerland and they too have grown addicted to it. Luckily we all have families in the US to carry these little jars of love back to us. It is wonderful to have such an effective balm which is all natural and organic and doesn't smell medicated or artificial. It outperforms all the medicated stuff on the market and everyone who has tried it really loves it for their babies. A bonus side benefit - the scent (can't find the correct words to describe it but the clean smell) seems to neutralize the strong smell of older babies' wet nappies once they start weaning. We love your products and thank you and your team for being devoted to making our lives with our new angels that much more enjoyable, naturally!"
Many thanks again! Laura
"Just wanted to write and say thanks for a TERRIFIC product! I've only used the Angel Baby Bottom Balm, but am excited to try other products and wanted to let you know you have one new happy customer! I was turned on to the Bottom Balm by a friend in another state and was excited to learn at Babyworks the other day that you are an Oregon company! The Angel Baby Bottom Balm has been such a wonderful product for my son who gets very mild diaper irritation on occasion, but who also wears cloth diapers, so I had to be careful about what I put on him. Then recently I scraped my arm on a tree and used the Bottom Balm on the large scraped area. Healed me up perfectly!"
Thanks again! Kimberly P. Portland, OR
"I can't tell you how thrilled I was to receive your Angel Baby Kit. I want only the best for my angel baby and your products are it! Thanks for your wonderful baby line... I feel great about using them on my precious one." CatherineCharlestown, MA
"The nine women in my book club went bananas when I presented an Angel Baby Kit to our new mom Theresa! They loved the Earth Mama Angel Baby products!" Barb R. Tualatin, OR
"I received some Angel Baby Bath Blossoms as a gift for Christmas and used it tonight on my little angel within 20 minutes of her bath she was sound asleep!! What an amazing product!! Incredible!!!! Thank you so much I will certainly be ordering more of it!" Becky W. LaGrange, GA
"I just got my order for Angel Baby Lotion and Angel Baby Shampoo and Body Wash. It's great to finally find something safe and organic without parabens. My son's skin drank it right up and he smells so yummy. It reminds us of orange creamsicles. My husband, my baby and myself all love it. Thank you so much for providing all these great, and most of all - SAFE products." Mary C. Middletown, NY
"My baby uses your Angel Baby Lotion like it's going out of style. This the ONLY thing that works for his eczema on his poor little back. My son is happier and healthier because of you! I appreciate it beyond words!" Kristin T. General EMAB enthusiast, New Lenox, IL
"My son Tristan and I absolutely adore your products — we use the Angel Baby Lotion, Angel Baby Shampoo & Body Wash and Natural Nipple Butter daily (I put this on his cradle cap and chapped cheeks, too)! Thanks for making such amazing, worry-free products for mama and baby :)" Marianne and Tristan
"Oh my yumminess! I love the products I have ordered over the last year from Earth Mama Angel Baby!! I am constantly searching for organic options for myself and my lovely babies. I have used the Earth Mama Body Butter, Angel Baby Lotion and Angel Baby Shampoo and Body Wash exclusively for a year now. My husband LOVES the smell of our skin, and since we all smell gently of tangerines and line dried linens, who can blame him! Your products are good for the skin, the environment and greatly put my mind at ease as to what I am slathering all over my kids, and myself. Your washes and lotions are heavenly, thank you!" Andrea
"We love your Earth Mama and Angel Baby products! I used most of your Postpartum Recovery products. For more than a year we have regularly used the Angel Baby Lotion, Angel Baby Shampoo and Body Wash, Angel Baby Bottom Balm, and Angel Baby Diaper Rash Soap on our 16 mo. old daughter. We also use the Angel Baby Bath Blossoms on occasion. We love the new 1 Liter refill size in the Angel Baby Shampoo and Body Wash and wish the lotion also came in a larger bottle. Seems like we go through a ton of it! Thanks for making gentle, safe, and wonderfully-smelling products! Jennifer S. Austin, TX
"I had another Angel Baby this year and have used nothing but your products on her delicate skin. It may be just me, but she always seems to smile even wider when I use the Angel Baby Shampoo and Body Wash and finish off with the Angel Baby Lotion and Angel Baby Oil after her bath. Thank you, thank you, thank you for selling natural, chemical-free products that I can feel good about putting on my Angel Babies!" Cathy from Westmont