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One of the most heart-wrenching realities of losing a baby is the physical manifestation of breast milk. Broken hearts are difficult to soothe, but there is relief for sore, engorged breasts. USDA Certified 100% Organic & Certified Kosher and Non-GMO Project Verified No More Milk Tea is blended with sage, peppermint and parsley, herbs traditionally used to naturally reduce the production of breast milk.

A comforting cup of tea is an act of kindness when comfort is needed most. Naturally caffeine free. Drink iced or hot, up to three cups a day.

"No More Milk Tea" is not for use during pregnancy.

• Certified by Oregon Tilth
• Non-GMO Project Verified
• Gluten-free
Earth Mama Angel Baby SealsEarth Mama Angel Baby SealsEarth Mama Angel Baby SealsEarth Mama Angel Baby Seals
Mentha piperita (organic peppermint) leaf, Petroselinum crispum (organic parsley) leaf, Hibiscus sabdariffa (organic hibiscus) flower, Salvia officinalis (organic sage) leaf
  1. "When I lost my daughter at birth, the pain, both physical (I had an emergency c-section) and emotional was excruciating. My pain was added to when my milk came in with burning engorgement a few weeks later. Loving friends recommended (and sent!) this tea and while I was initially skeptical - it worked. It provided immediate relief. I continued to drink it for a few months, as my supply finally diminished, it helped me remain comfortable through the horrible physical pain that was a reminder of the baby I didn't have. When I started to get engorged I'd have a cup and the calming, soothing tea acted quickly, relieving my pain within less than an hour. It was a true blessing to have something to ease my pain so well and in such a nice way. It tasted good, too, and I looked forward to several cups of it a day. (There were days when I didn't eat and barely drank, and this tea and some cookies were what I lived off of, in my grief...)

    I was so impressed with it's efficacy that I am happy to say, now that I have healed enough to be pregnant with my next baby, I am using other EMAB teas to soothe my pregnancy discomforts. I'll always be grateful to the friends who turned me on to your products- even if it came out of such an awful loss and pain." Anne

    Earth Mama responds: Dear Anne, we are so sorry for the loss of your baby. It is wonderful of you to post this for other mamas who might be experiencing the same thing.

  2. "I had tons of issues with breastfeeding my son. I was in excruciating pain each time I fed him, until I tried weaning him at 1 month old. I quickly became engorged, and suffered for about 2 weeks of trying to wean him. I was so happy when I found this tea! I drank 3 cups per day for about 3 days, and my milk dried up completely. I wish no mother ever has to go through the physical pain of weaning, especially when the breastfeeding experience has to be cut short as mine did. I would (and have!) recommend this tea to anyone who is thinking about stopping breastfeeding." mairanellis

  3. "i absolute loved the No More Milk, it worked wonders when i weaned my 14 old boy. it made me feel much better the first time a used it. great product God bless Mama for thinking of moms." lopezmama

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