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Earth Mama Angel Baby SealsEarth Mama Angel Baby Seals
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USDA Certified 100% Organic, Certified Kosher and Non-GMO Project Verified Organic Milkmaid TeaOrganic Milkmaid Tea

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was created for those times when the "milk of momness" needs a little encouragement. Tasty iced or hot Organic Milkmaid TeaOrganic Milkmaid Tea

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is a fragrant and comforting blend of organic herbs traditionally used to help support healthy breast milk production.

Blended with traditional herbal galactagogues and mineral packed herbs, Organic Milkmaid TeaOrganic Milkmaid Tea

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helps keep breast milk flowing from healthy mama to healthy baby.

NOT FOR USE DURING PREGNANCY. Please note: many galactagogue herbs are not recommended for use during pregnancy in greater than culinary amounts.

All Earth Mama teas are naturally caffeine free, in biodegradable, easy to brew tea bags. 100% recycled and recyclable cartons. Steep, sip and enjoy!

Click here for delicious tea recipes!

• Certified by Oregon Tilth
• Non-GMO Project Verified
• Gluten-free
Earth Mama Angel Baby SealsEarth Mama Angel Baby SealsEarth Mama Angel Baby SealsEarth Mama Angel Baby Seals
Foeniculum vulgare (organic Fennel) seed, Trigonella foenum-graecum (organic fenugreek) seed, Rubus Idaeus (organic red raspberry) leaf, Urtica dioica (organic stinging nettle) leaf, Silybum marianum (organic milk thistle) seed, Citrus sinensis (organic orange) peel, Pempinella anisum (organic anise) seed, Carum carvi (organic caraway) seed, Medicago sativa (organic alfalfa) leaf
  1. "Works amazing! Had full breasts after 2 cups. I was producing milk great but my 3 week old hit a growth spurt and I couldn't keep up. This did the trick. Highly recommend it!" Sarah

  2. "I want to thank you so much for your wonderful products, most of all the Milk Maid tea. I've tried other teas but Milk Maid helps the most! I was so upset when my supply started dwindling when I went back to work. My little one is three months old and exclusively breastfeed, and I would like him to remain than way until six month. I pump at work daily, and the use of the nipple butter has helped keep my comfortable. But most of, I am writing about the tea. Thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU! I was able to make enough bottles for daycare AND freeze a bag today for the first time in a month! I love you! :)" Rebecca

  3. "I AM SIMPLY RATING THE TASTE FOR NOW!!;) I JUST purchased it today, but I needed to say this immediately, IT IS DELICIOUS ICED!:D with Splenda nectresse mmmm!;)" Yuli

  4. "I personally didn't like the taste, but I drank it anyway. It did the total opposite for me. I was losing my milk so I wanted to try to bring it back. The next day after drinking this tea I couldn't get my baby to nurse so I tried pumping and couldn't pump any milk at all." Kimberly

  5. "I find this product in its previous packing works better. Sachet lacks oomph!" Ivy

  6. "Tastes great, does it's job, only wish I could buy it in bulk!" Peggy

  7. "LOVE LOVE LOVE this tea!! I used it after having my second baby since I wasn't producing enough milk. It worked as soon as I started using it. I plan on using it again after this pregnancy. All their products are amazing and affordable!" FitMama

  8. "I found this tea on when I was looking for herbal stuff to try and help boost my milk supply. I haven't had a lot of luck with pumping - I make enough to feed my baby if she nurses, but I only get 2-2.5oz when I pump. After about 2 months of being back at work, I noticed a significant dip in my supply and it was getting to where my little one was starting to get frustrated with me. I read good reviews on the product so I ordered some. I noticed a difference later the same day - and even more within 48 hours. I'm only able to pump slightly more, but things are going MUCH better between my daughter and I when I am able to nurse her directly. I wish it could have made more a difference with pumping, but having my baby be happy and smiling whens he nurses makes it more than worth it anyway!" AustinMomma

  9. "Love Milkmaid Tea! I noticed after a few weeks of breast feeding my son, my supply was low during the day. I started drinking this tea three times a day yesterday and both my son and I are very happy!" Janine

  10. "Since my baby was 2weeks old, I've been pumping my milk and normally, I can pump 10oz or more/pump x 3 and I've had some issues with my supply after hitting the 7mth mark. I could only get between 4-5ozs per session. (he's 8mths now) I was on Babies'R'Us website and I ran across your product. I had to drive 3.5hrs to get it, but I'm glad I did. The first time I tried it, my 'girls' felt full and I immediately started pumping and had 8ozs. Now I'm following the serving suggestions and drinking 3 cups a day to see how well that works. The taste isn't all that great but I added a spoon of Splenda to give it a better flavor. If it does what I hope it does, I am going to buy every box they have the next time I go to Babies'R'Us!!" Alicia

  11. "i bought this tea because i didn't think i was producing enough and i wanted to build a supply... well it worked wonders. even better than what i thought it would. and the taste is great. thank you earth mama for making life easier." amy

  12. "I have used this tea along with every friend of mine that has breast fed their baby. I loved it, and they also did. It really works. It is very nice to drink the tea, relax and make more milk for your baby! It has a good flavor that I look forward to drinking." Erin

  13. "I am not one to write reviews on anything but this tea is amazing so I had to. I was getting worried that I was not producing enough milk and that I was going to have to supplement with formula, so I did some research online about ways to increase milk supply and I came across a site that recommended this tea and mothers. I had no idea which one I was going to choose so when I went to Whole Foods I was just going to get which ever one the store carried and they carried milkmaid tea. I got it home and was a little hesitant and I really thought that it was not going to work. That evening I made the tea and I took about 30 min to work the nerve up to drink it because I thought that it was going to be nasty. I drank it and to my surprise it was very good and I did not need to drown the tea in sugar or honey. I drank the tea 3 times a day for 2 days and I noticed a difference. Now that I have hit my 4th day my milk has increased so much that I leak. I smell like syrup but I am no longer worried that I will not be able to feed my baby in the healthiest way. Thank you so much for creating this tea it is truly a life saver." Nikki

  14. "I’ve suffered from IBS in varying degrees for about 15 years. Which means pretty much like clockwork as soon as food hits my stomach I have some pain, bloating and often times a run to the bathroom is in order. I’ve tried prescription and over the counter medications, going gluten and dairy free you name it I’ve tried it to minimal results and often undesirable side effects. I’ve started drinking Organic Milkmaid tea pretty much all day long hot or cold and it has helped tremendously. It calms everything right down and tastes good too. And for those all too often girly hormonal times I like to make a Milkmaid Monthly Comfort Cocktail and calm both the hormones and stomach down." Kisses, Amy

  15. "Organic Milkmaid Tea is an absolute miracle worker. My baby was in the NICU for the first week after his birth and this tea helped me maintain enough milk supply to pump and take to him. The Natural Nipple Butter was another indispensable item that helped ease the soreness from constant pumping. Thank you Earth Mama for helping me give my baby the best start and first gifts in life from the very beginning. I took comfort in knowing that even if I couldn't be next to him every day in the hospital, I would at least be able to provide him with nourishment and comfort everyday through the milk I was able to provide." Jenn

  16. "I drink this tea 3 times a day to help my milk production keep up. I actually kind of swear by it and fenugreek pills. It has helped me keep up with the eating demands of my 6 month old and I actually have a surplus stock piled in the freezer now for that first mama-papa overnight trip. Love this stuff. If you are nursing, you should give this a try!" Nikki

  17. "DELICIOUS! Never had a problem with milk production but felt my let down was slowing around 5 months and my little boy was getting frustrated. I started drinking this tea twice a day and my let down returned to normal and we are all happy again :) Great product. Great Company. Highly Recommend!" Mama Meg

  18. "I am in my 4th month of nursing twins. They are doing wonderfully, but demand more at night. I drink this before their last feeding and they are satisfied and fall asleep faster. For me it seems to work better hot. The taste is wonderful as well." twinboysmom

  19. "I was skeptical of the Milkmaid Tea, but it worked an hour later and whenever I feel my milk supply not being the same I drink the tea. I am so glad I found this product." Karla

  20. "I love this tea! After breastfeeding for about 3 months and going back to school I noticed a drastic drop in my milk supply. I tried everything my mom and mother in law recommended. Nothing worked until I found MILKMAID TEA. After just 2 bags I noticed myself getting fuller (not engorged) just fuller. I Love it. Thank you" Jazz

  21. "A must have, especially if you have low milk or were lured into the supplementing trap. I drink this every day, which helps me stay hydrated and helps my milk - believe me, I notice when I skip a day." Mama Suz

  22. "This tea is amazing!!! My milk production always dips down right before that time of the month, and I've been breastfeeding for 6 months now. This last cycle it dipped way down, to almost no milk when I pumped for daycare. I received this so quickly and started immediately! I called to ask the recommended dosage and the ladies were super friendly. They let me know that 3 bags/servings are the norm. It does make you smell like maple syrup when you sweat, LOL. So when you hit the gym don't be alarmed if you start to smell pancakes :) I noticed an increase about 2 days after I started to drink it. I didn't get engorged but I was very full! My little lady nurses about every 3 hours for about 15 mins on the weekends and when she gets home from daycare. I also pump in the am after I nurse her and then pump 3 more times while I'm at work. (she drinks about 5-6 oz per bottle while at daycare, along with stage 1 foods and cereal/oatmeal) She's a healthy baby!!! So Bottom Line............Buy this product! I'm writing this as I'm submitting my second order for 3 more boxes :)" ShannonGrasonville, MD

  23. "I was skeptical, but this tea has really increased my supply. My baby is 11 months old and nurses a few times a day. There is more milk for her throughout the day. I would guess an increase of 50% or so, based on how full I feel and how long she is nursing and swallowing. Before I drank the tea, there was practically nothing for her in the evening. Now, in the evening, I feel a little full and she nurses for 5-10 minutes, which is great." Susan

  24. I love this product. My doctor told me I had to start supplementing with formula because I wasn’t producing enough milk and it didn’t have enough calories in it so my baby was losing weight. I had bought the whole kit at Babies R Us and went home and tried the tea it not only tasted great, but my milk supply is where it needed to be for my baby and my baby got back the calories it needed. AK

  25. "This product is great. Not only does it taste amazing, it really works. After only 2 bags, I noticed a change. I am very thankful to my friend who recommended this product to me!!!" KR

  26. "Love this product. After just 3 bags within 24 hours time I had a great supply happening. I would recommend this product to any breastfeeding mother who is having difficulties producing milk. Great, great, great!!!" mamamoats

  27. "I Love this tea. It helped my milk come in even though my angel baby was in the NICU. Wonderful stuff! Thank you Mama!" CC milk factory

  28. "I really love this tea:)" Maria M.

  29. "I just want to tell you how much I love your Milkmaid Tea. It's wonderful
    for when I want to increase my supply and because its organic I know exactly what I'm putting into my body and by extension, into my daughter's tummy. Thanks for such great products!" Jackie R., Aurora, IN

  30. "Please don't ever stop making the Milkmaid Tea. I try to recommend it on every website, chatroom, etc...but there are so many competing brands out there, my praises usually get lost in the shuffle. I've been breastfeeding for almost 7 months now, and we have had our issues with supply. I realize now that the issue is, I've run out of tea! Whenever I need a boost, three times a day for three days is all I need to become a milk machine again. Thank you so much for this wonderful (and not half-bad tasting) product!" Karen G.

  31. "I am NOT a tea drinker by any means, but I was willing to try anything to get my supply up! Someone on recommended Milkmaid Tea and I decided to try it. I couldn't believe the results! My breasts were filled to engorged for the next several feedings! I loved it! Since then I have tried the ever-popular Mother's Milk Tea, mainly because it's local and I don't have to pay shipping fees. It doesn't hold a candle to Milkmaid Tea. Milkmaid's flavor can't be beat, and just has way better results. Thank you for such a wonderful product!" Charity

  32. "I just wanted to let you know how much I love the new teas. I was a little sad to see the loose teas go away since I really enjoyed them, but I definitely love and appreciate the convenience of being able to bring my teas with me (Milkmaid Tea in particular). I drink it all the time and I offer it to my nursing mother's when they are shopping and need to stop and nurse their babies."

  33. "Milkmaid Tea is incredible. If I didn't drink 2-4 cups a day my baby had a much more difficult time dealing with his digestive issues. If our baby was fussy, my husband would ask ''did you drink your tea today?'' (It also makes a great soy latte)." Katherine Monrovia, CA

  34. "I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how much a adore your teas — I drank the Earth Mama Heartburn Tea throughout my pregnancy and it was such a yummy treat, now that I've had the baby I am loving my Milkmaid Tea — by far the best mother's milk tea I've ever had!!!! I recommend you all the time!"Kitty L.
    South Dennis, MA

  35. "I bought some Milkmaid Tea to help with milk production about three months ago. The tea works great! Thanks!" Amber Kentucky

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USDA Certified 100% Organic Milkmaid Tea blends the best quality, safest, time- and evidence based research-tested herbs for healthy breast milk production, with attention to flavor and effectiveness. Please note, Organic Milkmaid Tea is NOT for pregnancy, because many herbs, like fennel and fenugreek, are uterine stimulants, but after your wee one is here you can safely use it. Sipping a soothing cup of tea is a great way to relax and take care of yourself, and encourages your incredible body to let the milk flow from healthy mama to healthy baby!

Organic Milkmaid French Vanilla Chai
Organic Milkmaid Tea is formulated to support healthy milk production with fennel, fenugreek, anise seed and caraway seed with nettle and red raspberry leaf. Delicious hot, or iced. Organic Milkmaid Tea is NOT for use during pregnancy.


  • 1 bag Earth Mama Angel Baby Organic Milkmaid Tea
  • French Vanilla soy creamer
  • Ground organic cinnamon
  • Ground organic ginger


  • Brew one cup of Milkmaid Tea extra strong, steeping for 12 minutes.
  • Add French Vanilla soy creamer to taste (approximately 1-2 Tablespoons per cup).
  • Garnish with a few sprinkles of ground cinnamon and ginger to taste. Mix, sip, and enjoy!
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