Getting Started with Cloth Diapers

Out of the landfill, into the diaper pail

If you have a picture in your mind of bulky bums and difficult origami folds when you think of cloth diapers, here's some good news. These aren't your grandma's cloth diapers, this is diapering for a new generation!

Not long ago if you wanted to cloth diaper your baby, your resources were limited to specialty stores, a diaper service, or the brilliant WAHMs selling cloth diapering supplies on the internet. Now cloth diapering is becoming far more common and convenient. The growing movement of mamas who want their babies to have the safest options naturally extends to diapers. And cloth diapering has many benefits.

Aside from not creating tons of waste to clog the landfills (the average baby has 5000 diaper changes before being potty trained), cloth diapers don't contain harmful absorbent gels, don't contribute to diaper rash, are great for burp rags, and usually result in earlier toilet training (see below)!

So if you're considering cloth, we know you have questions. We went to the experts to get some fantastic advice about cloth diapers.

What are the top things parents need to know when making the decision to cloth diaper?

"You can expect phenomenal savings using cloth diapers! Saving money (up to a couple thousand dollars per child), saving landfill waste (one ton per baby) and saving baby's tender tush — there's nothing like the feel of a soft, clean cloth diaper against your baby's skin! All this while saving your sanity — cloth diapers are SO easy to use these days. One of the best kept secrets about cloth diapers is flushable liners — they make clean-up a breeze! AND, cloth is SO cute to boot!"

About Angel Baby® Bottom Balm: "At Bummis, we love the Angel Baby® Bottom Balm. It's super versatile, 100% vegan and does wonders for cloth-diapered bums! The entire Earth Mama Angel Baby line has become a quick customer favorite at our retail stores."

Why is cloth diapering better for the environment?

"Cloth diapers are better for the environment because by using them, we are not crowding our landfills with disposable diapers that take up to 500 years to decompose! Also, when using FuzziBunz®, you can feel good that your baby is leaving a smaller imprint on this world. No landfill waste, no repeat manufacturing costs, no excessive packaging, and no more wasted time or gas for unnecessary trips to the store to buy diapers."

How do parents start cloth diapering? What do they need?

"Be positive, be flexible and start collecting your "stash" of cloth diapers!  Get a small assortment of all the different kinds of cloth diapers (pocket, contour, all-in-one, fitted, and prefolds) and find what works for you.  Find some cloth diapering moms and have them show you the diapers they use.  Go to your local cloth diaper store and attend a demo.  Don't pay attention to brands, keep an open mind, look for styles of diapers to find what works for you, for dad, the caregiver, and your baby.  Through this process, you will find your favorite brands and styles and you will become very comfortable with cloth diapering!"    

Why they love Angel Baby Bottom Balm:  "Earth Mama Angel Baby has developed a wonderful diaper rash salve that works well with cloth diapers. The Angel Baby® Bottom Balm is formulated with organic olive oil to provide a soothing and healing first aide for diaper rash. As with any diaper rash creams, Bumkins recommends the use of a disposable or washable liner between baby and the cloth diaper to prevent staining and to protect the diaper from the water repelling properties that may occur with the use of a diaper rash ointment or cream."

Why is cloth diapering better for babies?

"Cloth diapers are said to encourage quicker potty learning because they give better "bottom line" feedback. For babies, this encourages an early alert system making sure they get changed in a timely manner — all but eliminating diaper rash. For toddlers, this means being more aware of what's going on "below deck" allowing them to catch on quicker."

Why they love Angel Baby Bottom Balm: "Angel Baby® Bottom Balm and Little Beetle diapers work well together. The fact that the balm contains zero zinc oxide means your Little Beetles can keep on absorbing while your baby's skin is soothed."

What to look for in a cloth diaper

"In my opinion there are three critical things to look for when purchasing a cloth diaper.

1. Where it's made and where the components are made. I would avoid anything that's not made in the US or Canada of components made in the US or Canada. Additionally any textile made from bamboo – even if it claims to be organic – has most likely been chemically processed.

2. Use/Care. Some diapers have special washing instructions; wool diapers need to be lanolized. There are a myriad of systems. Make sure you are comfortable with the option(s) that you chose.  When in doubt, ask. 

3. Fabric.  I think it's important to really examine what it is going against your baby's skin. Is the skin layer bleached? If so there is a risk of Dioxin. Make sure the fabric touching your baby's most tender parts is soft, absorbent and safe. What constitutes safe is a relative subject. Safe to me means certified organic cotton or hemp and BPA-free fleece. Wool is a great water resistant barrier but it is not soft directly on babies' skin."

Why they love Angel Baby Bottom Balm: "Through our testing of Angel Baby® Bottom Balm, we have found that it doesn't compromise the integrity of LolliDoo Diapers at all. We love that it's clean and the packaging is wonderful."


More praise for Angel Baby® Bottom Balm

"We wash over 40,000 cloth diapers a month, and when starting my diapering service I sought out the best products for baby, the environment, and for our business. Our service does not use harsh chemicals to clean the diapers and it's a challenge when washing diapers that have substances such as greasy diaper cream. We learned quickly to offer an alternative to zinc oxide, which stains our unbleached cotton nappies. I wash every single diaper that come in and out of my service, and I have never had a problem with Angel Baby® Bottom Balm; in fact, this product has been the only diaper cream that we have found to meet every one of our criteria- clean diapers, happy baby and safe for the environment."

Karissa Binkley CD(DONA)

More Cloth Diapering Tips

"We have been carrying the Angel Baby Bottom Balm for many years. Not only is it very effective in clearing up a wide range of skin irritations, but has proven to be very safe for use along with cloth diapers. Unlike the heavier ointments like A&D® and Desitin®, it does not seem to leave greasy stains or odors on the fabric; the plant based oils dissolve out readily. Note that pocket diaper manufacturers still do recommend using a barrier between any ointment and the diaper itself."

Paula DeVore, Owner BABYWORKS

Angel Baby Bottom Balm is safe for cloth diapers

Earth Mama Angel Baby is proud that clinically tested, zero toxin Angel Baby Bottom Balm has been embraced by cloth diapering mamas, because even with cloth diapers, sometimes a baby will need something to soothe a sore bottom. Rashes from acidic poo, yeast, heat, or friction can cause a need for a diaper cream. But a diaper cream that works with cloth diapers is hard to find.

Zinc oxide coats cloth diapers and renders them non-absorbent, and perfumes and harsh chemicals can deteriorate cloth. And while any diaper cream can cause staining, or with too liberal applications leave a residue, cloth diapering mamas prefer creams and balms made with natural oils and herbs that heal and protect without ruining the diapers they've invested in. Angel Baby Bottom Balm is made with organic olive oil infused with a proprietary blend of naturally antibacterial and antifungal organic herbs, shea butter and pure essential oils. A little goes a long way, so there is no need to "liberally apply" to create a barrier.

Have you tried Angel Baby Bottom Balm with cloth diapers? Do you have advice for cloth diapering mamas? Tell us about it!

About Angel Baby Bottom Balm

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Mama's Testimonials

"I bought my friend an Earth Mama gift basket for her baby shower and she loved it. Everybody 'oooohed and aaahhhed' at what a cool gift it was." Angelica H. Burbank, CA
"After battling with severe diaper rash for what seemed to be an eternity and trying every diaper rash cream and treatment available and ending up having to give my baby antibiotics because his skin was tearing the rash had gotten so bad, I found your Angel Baby Bottom Balm while searching online for a cure. I was skeptical at first, as I had tried so many products only to have them fail. None of them offered the relief they promised. I ordered the "Little Something for Baby's Sore Bottom" package and washed his bottom with the Angel Baby Diaper Rash Soap upon arrival and applied the balm. After one application of your Angel Baby Bottom Balm I noticed a tremendous difference by the next diaper change. By morning the redness was completely gone. Thank you so much for giving my little man the relief he needed. Your shipping was incredibly fast as I ordered late in the day and my order was shipped the same day. Again THANK YOU!!" Georgia Mom of 2
"Angel Baby Bottom Balm is more than just a diaper rash cream. I use this on my son's entire body. It works miracles for my son's eczema. I can't get enough of it!" Kia A. Hughson, CA
"I received a jar of Angel Baby Bottom Balm from my mother. I have to say, this was the best goodie yet. I used it several times on my 9 month old angel Natalie's bottom for rashes. One application right before bedtime, and by morning, the rash is gone. She also developed a yeast-type infection from her chubby thigh creases (love them!), and her pediatrician wrote a prescription for cream. I never filled it, as I tried the Angel Baby Bottom Balm and it worked - in 2 applications! I also used it on my 5 1/2 year old son, who had what appeared to be a burn on his arm, and it cleared up in a day or two. Thank you, and thank you again. You have a believer in me (and my angels)!" Carol C.
"I just wanted to send a rave review and thank you for your Bottom Balm. My son is 20 months old and for quite some time now has suffered near-chronic diaper rash. He has extremely sensitive skin and it seemed that we could do nothing to prevent the diaper rash from returning. My sister had given me a newborn gift set from Earth Mama Angel Baby that included a jar of the Angel Baby Bottom Balm; I'd just never used it. So, I gave it a try. Within a very short period of time, the balm totally cleared up my son's rash. We have been using it after every diaper change now for a month, and I have to say, the appearance of the skin on his bottom is 100% better. I've also used the balm on some of his cuts and scrapes and have noticed that they heal quicker. I just want to thank you for an incredible product. I had tried EVERYTHING on the market - every single brand of diaper cream and nothing came remotely close to your product's effectiveness. I am very into reading labels, so I also appreciate the organic and all-natural aspect of your product as well. My son asks for the balm by name. When it's diaper change time, he yells, "Bom! Bom! Bom!" and after I put it on, he will say "ahhhhh!" So thank you so much - I'm pregnant with our second baby and I will use this from the get-go with him/her." Very truly yours, S. O. Philadelphia, PA
"EMAB got me through this pregnancy! I had heartburn like you WOULDN'T BELIEVE...the Earth Mama Heartburn Tea REALLY DID help! Had a c-section and have been using the C-Mama Healing Salve&trade. I am unable to breastfeed due to medical reasons, so that No More Milk Tea came in very handy as I tried to "de-gorge" my poor boobs, who have now gone back to their droopy selves! And of course...the Angel Baby Bottom Balm. I change her and she is ALL RED, put on the Angel Baby Bottom Balm and the next change...she is white again! I'm so glad I can actually use the products. Of course Amaya, my oldest, loves her Angel Baby Shampoo and Body Wash and now I have real baby to use it on. I just wanted to let you know that you create some really sweet products! xoxox," Julie K. Portland OR
"SO, I'm emailing because I have to tell you how fabulous the Angel Baby Bottom Balm is!!!! Emily has not really suffered from diaper rash at all (we love changing her diaper), but now that she's sleeping longer at night, she did indeed get some diaper rash. I put the Angel Baby Bottom Balm on and poof! The diaper rash was gone and has stayed gone. It's FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And it smells great for me!!!" Leslie B.Bellybar
"I just wanted to say how much I love your products. We are very conscious of the products we use for ourselves and our baby boy, and we love how earth friendly and body friendly you have made your products. We have used the Earth Mama Bottom Balm, New Mama Bottom Spray, Angel Baby Bottom Balm, Angel Baby Oil, Natural Nipple Butter and Natural Stretch Oil and find that all of these products are top of the line. I have recommended them to all of my friends with children. Not only are your products safe, but they are incredibly effective. Thank you for making high quality products that are perfect for our angel baby and his earth mama." Jodi R. P. Castle Rock, CO
"I had my baby this past November and due to his congenital heart defect and other complications we are still in the ICU at Children's Hospital in Boston. He had gotten his first diaper rash and I brought in the Angel Baby Bottom Balm and it cleared it right up! Not only that, he gets fussy when being changed, but settles right down when I put the balm on. The nurses love the product as well and everyone raves about it. I will certainly tell everyone how wonderful it is and I can't wait to try more products. You are truly a great company. Thank you for taking the time to make such a great product, it has made our hospital life a little easier :-)" Becca mom to Jasper!
"We really love your Bottom Balm as well and that is something which I have passed onto a number of friends. It was first recommended to me by a maternity nurse here in the UK when I first had my baby and ever since I started using it, I loved it and had my mums bring back more every-time she travelled to the UK to visit me. These little jars last forever and we have them stashed everywhere - changing station, diaper bags, in the car, the pram, my purse! Since then, I have also passed on some jars to friends in Germany and Switzerland and they too have grown addicted to it. Luckily we all have families in the US to carry these little jars of love back to us. It is wonderful to have such an effective balm which is all natural and organic and doesn't smell medicated or artificial. It outperforms all the medicated stuff on the market and everyone who has tried it really loves it for their babies. A bonus side benefit - the scent (can't find the correct words to describe it but the clean smell) seems to neutralize the strong smell of older babies' wet nappies once they start weaning. We love your products and thank you and your team for being devoted to making our lives with our new angels that much more enjoyable, naturally!"
Many thanks again! Laura
"Just wanted to write and say thanks for a TERRIFIC product! I've only used the Angel Baby Bottom Balm, but am excited to try other products and wanted to let you know you have one new happy customer! I was turned on to the Bottom Balm by a friend in another state and was excited to learn at Babyworks the other day that you are an Oregon company! The Angel Baby Bottom Balm has been such a wonderful product for my son who gets very mild diaper irritation on occasion, but who also wears cloth diapers, so I had to be careful about what I put on him. Then recently I scraped my arm on a tree and used the Bottom Balm on the large scraped area. Healed me up perfectly!"
Thanks again! Kimberly P. Portland, OR
"I can't tell you how thrilled I was to receive your Angel Baby Kit. I want only the best for my angel baby and your products are it! Thanks for your wonderful baby line... I feel great about using them on my precious one." CatherineCharlestown, MA
"The nine women in my book club went bananas when I presented an Angel Baby Kit to our new mom Theresa! They loved the Earth Mama Angel Baby products!" Barb R. Tualatin, OR
"I received some Angel Baby Bath Blossoms as a gift for Christmas and used it tonight on my little angel within 20 minutes of her bath she was sound asleep!! What an amazing product!! Incredible!!!! Thank you so much I will certainly be ordering more of it!" Becky W. LaGrange, GA
"I just got my order for Angel Baby Lotion and Angel Baby Shampoo and Body Wash. It's great to finally find something safe and organic without parabens. My son's skin drank it right up and he smells so yummy. It reminds us of orange creamsicles. My husband, my baby and myself all love it. Thank you so much for providing all these great, and most of all - SAFE products." Mary C. Middletown, NY
"My baby uses your Angel Baby Lotion like it's going out of style. This the ONLY thing that works for his eczema on his poor little back. My son is happier and healthier because of you! I appreciate it beyond words!" Kristin T. General EMAB enthusiast, New Lenox, IL
"My son Tristan and I absolutely adore your products — we use the Angel Baby Lotion, Angel Baby Shampoo & Body Wash and Natural Nipple Butter daily (I put this on his cradle cap and chapped cheeks, too)! Thanks for making such amazing, worry-free products for mama and baby :)" Marianne and Tristan
"Oh my yumminess! I love the products I have ordered over the last year from Earth Mama Angel Baby!! I am constantly searching for organic options for myself and my lovely babies. I have used the Earth Mama Body Butter, Angel Baby Lotion and Angel Baby Shampoo and Body Wash exclusively for a year now. My husband LOVES the smell of our skin, and since we all smell gently of tangerines and line dried linens, who can blame him! Your products are good for the skin, the environment and greatly put my mind at ease as to what I am slathering all over my kids, and myself. Your washes and lotions are heavenly, thank you!" Andrea
"We love your Earth Mama and Angel Baby products! I used most of your Postpartum Recovery products. For more than a year we have regularly used the Angel Baby Lotion, Angel Baby Shampoo and Body Wash, Angel Baby Bottom Balm, and Angel Baby Diaper Rash Soap on our 16 mo. old daughter. We also use the Angel Baby Bath Blossoms on occasion. We love the new 1 Liter refill size in the Angel Baby Shampoo and Body Wash and wish the lotion also came in a larger bottle. Seems like we go through a ton of it! Thanks for making gentle, safe, and wonderfully-smelling products! Jennifer S. Austin, TX
"I had another Angel Baby this year and have used nothing but your products on her delicate skin. It may be just me, but she always seems to smile even wider when I use the Angel Baby Shampoo and Body Wash and finish off with the Angel Baby Lotion and Angel Baby Oil after her bath. Thank you, thank you, thank you for selling natural, chemical-free products that I can feel good about putting on my Angel Babies!" Cathy from Westmont