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We know, we know, there's a lot of talk about bottoms here at Earth Mama® Central. That's because when your bottom is sore it's hard to feel tops. Best-selling New Mama Bottom SprayNew Mama Bottom Spray

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is a cooling, soothing perineal mist that helps ease discomfort of postpartum vaginal soreness and swelling, episiotomies and hemorrhoids. Made with all-natural ingredients, including astringent witch hazel, antibacterial lavender, and cooling peppermint pure essential oils.

Relief is a spray away, mist as often as you need it, especially after bath or toilet use. The clever inverted sprayer means it sprays easily upside down!

Sit easier, feel better – naturally.

  • No parabens or artificial preservatives
  • No artificial dyes, colorings or fragrances
  • Cruelty-free
  • Toxin-free
  • Vegan

Mamas also use it for sunburn, puffy eyes, aftershave, toner, swimsuit chafe, razor burn and more!
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Water, Hamamelis Virginiana (Witch Hazel) Leaf Extract, Cucumis Sativus (Cucumber) Fruit Extract, Kosher vegetable glyserin, Lavandula Angustifolia (Organic Lavender) flower oil, Mentha Piperita (Organic Peppermint) leaf oil
  1. "I just wanted to brag up your great New Mama Bottom Spray. I had found great comfort using it to cool my itchy, painful skin while battling a yeast infection, so I knew it was soothing, even to very raw skin, unlike the OTC creams that stung or just didn't help. Post baby it worked great as well.

    One day, while other mama friends were over, my baby began to really wail. I took off her diaper and found she had a really red diaper rash. I wiped her up and her screaming took a fevered pitch. She was screaming so hard, I figured the Bottom Spray was worth a try. I sprayed her and she INSTANTLY, like mid-screech, stopped crying. My friends both said, "Whoa!!! What is the name of that stuff?! I am SOOO getting that!" I left her diaper off in case she began to cry again so I could spray her again, assuming the effects wouldn't last long. As she lay there, we watched as her skin began to turn from furious red back to it's cute peachy-butt color, patchy at first, then almost completely. It was strange and amazing to watch.

    Needless to say, we keep the New Mama spray close by now, in the diaper basket, and now my older girls borrow it from time to time to alleviate tenderness that we all sometimes get in that area. Now when the baby cries, the girls ask, "Do you want me to spray her bum, mom?" If only I could spray away all of her tears!

    Anyway, thank you for an awesome product!!!!"


  2. "I just want to say thank you for making such amazing products! I'm 9 months pregnant today and I have so many of your products now for both baby and myself. It is so hard to find truly all-natural products nowadays. I want to share that for anyone having swelling while pregnant, the New Mama Bottom Spray works great!! I did something dumb the other day and my ankles disappeared but only after a few hours of spraying my ankles and calves, I felt better! This morning, most of the swelling is gone! I am so grateful because nothing was helping to get them down. Keep doing what you do!" Kristen

  3. "Just used some Mama Bottom Spray on grandpa's bug bites and followed it with Mama Bottom Balm and it was like magic! Cleared and soothed the itch. Thanks Mama!" Megan

  4. "Just wanted to take a moment and thank you for making your wonderful Bottom Spray. I had my first baby 10 days ago and suffered from 2nd degree tears. The hospital gave me spray that was not really helping, and I was miserable. My husband encouraged me to use your Bottom Spray, and it has been working its magic since I started using it. I cannot tell you how much pain I was in prior to using your spray, and now I feel more like myself then I have since delivery. Thank you a million times over! I cannot express my gratitude for this miracle product. You have gained a loyal customer." Lydia

  5. "I bought it last year when I saw the suggestion for sun burn. Go figure we haven't had sunburn to try it yet for that. However, I use it on my little one's bottom anytime she gets red or itchy. She's not even 2 yet and goes potty by herself but sometimes doesn't wipe as well as she should. She comes to me all on her own and says, "pray mommy". I'd ask her "pray? You want mommy to pray?". "no, pray. Itchy." or "hurts" and points down. Ahhhh, spray. She knows it works because it's also what I'd use for those horrible teething diaper rashes. The red ones that hurt too much to wipe. This spray was instant relief for the tears. Combined with the baby bottom balm and it was night & day difference by the morning! It's great for bottoms after an upset tummy too. She loves it! It actually gets put on most owies everywhere here now. Plus, there's a new bottle in my bag for me when #3 arrives." Elizabeth

  6. "I have to tell you, I stumbled on your company via the dairy fairy, and I'm eternally grateful! I bought your nipple butter and new mama bottom spray. I just welcomed my second child, a girl, Sunday, she was 8lb 13oz and I suffered a second degree tear, I started using the spray as soon as I was able to get up, I have to say my stitches are not at all noticeable! I'm sore as expected but I don't have the throbbing I had with the tear I had from DS, I also don't have the tightness and pain, I swear it's all from the spray. But my real miracle has been the nipple butter! Dd has an aggressive latch that was causing a bit of blistering and bruising, I applied the nipple butter and 3 hours later- at her very next feeding!- I noticed the blisters and bruising were completely gone!! Unbelievable, the nipple butter has allowed me to be patient with my daughter and help her learn to latch properly and I truly attribute our success, including me surviving 3 hours and 15 mins of cluster feeds (non-stop!!) last night to the nipple butter! Thank you!!!!!"Ann-Marie

  7. "I ♥ this product and had to rave about it on my blog. Here's what I wrote!

    Almost three years ago and on a whim, I bought a bottle of Earth Mama Angel Baby New Mama Bottom Spray from Tiny Tapir together with a few other items. I didn't give much thought to what I had purchased. I just liked the name, that it was 100% natural and was suppose to help with too-shie soreness postpartum.

    When my purchase arrived I took a sniff, went "not bad" and stuffed it into my hospital bag. I completely forgot about it and needless to say, did not take it out from my hospital bag a second time until I was forced by a nurse to go pee 4 hours after giving birth to Little å. From that moment onwards, that bottle followed me into the shower and toilet the next 2 months.

    I know that RM76.90 for a 120 ml (4 oz.) bottle of 100% natural too-shie spray sounds a tad bit expensive but I think it's totally worth the money for the relieve it brought me.

    I was worried that it would sting a lot when I first sprayed it on because I had a episiotomy but I was cringing for no reason because I felt nothing. And because I was already expecting pain and wanting to proof a point (that I was either a dare-devil of a momma since I just gave birth au natural with no pain killer whatsoever or just plain crazy), I spritz a few more times. Nothing!

    The smell was of a minty herbal uplifting sort and was an instant perk me up whenever I used it.

    My episiotomy healed quickly and nicely and without much pain nor drama within a few days so I'm definately spending another RM76.90 this time around and hope to add the Earth Mama Angel Baby Happy Mama spray to my stash this time.

    I'd definitely recommend you buy a bottle and trying it out for yourself (and if you've got any leftover like I did, use it as a toner or to treat sunburns or for a quick pick me up!)."

  8. "I loved using New Mama Bottom Spray after I had my baby! It was very soothing and refreshing for me while I was still healing." Tina

  9. "OMG I love the new mama bottom spray, I have had the worse time with hemorrhoids during my 2nd pregnancy and this has saved my life, I even use it on my son when he gets a diaper rash and it clears right up..." Lisa

  10. "The New Mama Bottom Spray is an absolute must-have for any pregnant mama. I started using this in the hospital right after giving birth (and I mean right after!) and it's amazing how soothing and comforting it was. A quick spritz and there's immediate relief not to mention all of the healing benefits it provides. And I love the fact that it applies with a gentle spray, so there's no need to irritate sensitive areas! Love, love, love it!" Reichel

  11. "As first time mommy, this WONDERFULLY AMAZING spray helped me feel better faster during my recovery phase. I remember being in tears for the first couple of days after giving birth. My sister told me about New Mama Bottom Spray and we purchased it immediately. As soon as I used this spray, it was such a sigh of relief!! I could NOT get enough of this stuff! My friend gave birth a couple of weeks after me and I HAD to buy this for her so she could feel relief like I did! The second she used... she messaged me to let me know it helped her feel better. From now on, I am including this in baby shower gifts. New mama's need some pampering too!!" Jean

  12. "I gave a Postpartum Recovery Kit to our nephew's wife for her baby shower. I felt she needed something just for herself with all the focus on the baby, after all, she was doing the work! Paula told me that she had a particularly nasty tear, and was very, very sore. The hospital sent her home with a bag full of products, but nothing they had really helped. As soon as she got home she used the New Mama Bottom Spray, and she got instant relief. She credits your New Mama Bottom Spray and Earth Mama Bottom Balm with helping her to heal quickly and in comfort. She also used the Happy Mama Spray liberally, and sailed through the baby blues. She was very, very grateful for your wonderful products. Thank you for so many wonderful and useful products. From now on, all the mothers to be I know will receive these. " Annette F. Oakland, California

  13. "Ok, I just have to say that I LOVE all your products, but I found a very interesting use for your New Mama Bottom Spray. I had a tiny bit left left over from when I had my son (it was a lifesaver)...but anyways, I have really bad eczema and it flares up and itches like crazy. Nothing helped and I didn't want to use a steroid cream since I am still nursing my 20 month old. I found this old bottle and sprayed some on and it worked SO well. I was seriously amazed. It stopped the itching and actually started to heal the flare up. I ordered another big bottle yesterday. Thank you for making great, safe products!!" Dasha

  14. "Amazing stuff!!! I would never have another baby without it!" Val

  15. "I loooooved this spray. My friend gave me the Postpartum Recovery Kit which had this spray in it and it saved me (and my bottom ) after I had my precious little boy. It was so nice to be able to spray something cooling and healing without having to touch. My midwife was surprised that my stitches healed up so nice and fast. Thank you so much, it's my number 1 present to all my pregnant friends." Camille

  16. "I want to thank you for all of the wonderful Postpartum products...they made recovery after delivery so much more comfortable. The New Mama Bottom Spray, should have miracle somewhere in the name! I know that the spray they sent me home with from the hospital has antibiotic ingredients...but it also has in the main ingredient in lighters, and thinking about where I was spraying it...needless to say the NMBS was heaven sent! After loving the postpartum products, the Baby Bottom Balm was where I turned when my little one had horrible diaper rash and I needed something cloth diaper friendly, and worked wonders!" Devin L.

  17. "I got some EMAB products when I was pregnant with my third. I LOVE these products and wish I would have found them sooner! My little nugget is 13 months old and I'm still using the shampoo, lotion & bottom balm, as needed. I have also found a new use for the New Mama Bottom Spray ... facial toner! Really, it is so nice and refreshing. Thank you for these wonderfully natural products." April N.

  18. "I am an actor on a television show and have to be up early in the morning which often results in puffy eyes...unacceptable! My makeup artists have tried many things for this very common problem, and nothing has come close to working as well as New Mama Bottom Spray. I realize spraying this on my face was not the product's primary intended purpose, but I am thrilled with how well it takes the swelling down, how good it smells, and the fact that it is 100% safe and natural to be spraying in my face. There are two hair stylists and two makeup artists in our show's hair and makeup trailer. All four of them have a bottle of New Mama Bottom Spray at their stations. Thanks for helping me look good!" Kaitlin Olson Los Angeles, CA

  19. "Your products are just fabulous, and I love to gift them to my closest friends and family when they birth. New Mama Bottom Spray, Postpartum Tea [now called Monthly Comfort Tea] and Angel Baby Bottom Balm were gifted to me for the birth of my daughter and I truly did find them to be so comforting and pampering — especially the tea — just what new mom needs, a little TLC. The bottom spray is A MUST — remember to bring it with you to the birth and use it every time you pee — it is very soothing. The bottom balm is the very best which your little baby deserves. " Danielle B. New Fairfield, CT

  20. "I just wanted to say how much I love your products. We are very conscious of the products we use for ourselves and our baby boy, and we love how earth friendly and body friendly you have made your products. We have used the Earth Mama Bottom Balm, New Mama Bottom Spray, Angel Baby Bottom Balm, Angel Baby Oil, Natural Nipple Butter and Natural Stretch Oil and find that all of these products are top of the line. I have recommended them to all of my friends with children. Not only are your products safe, but they are incredibly effective. Thank you for making high quality products that are perfect for our angel baby and his earth mama."
    Jodi R. P. Castle Rock, CO

  21. "I used your New Mama Bottom Spray last June- it was just great - never did a sitz bath (who has time?), and healed super quick." Karen Colorado

  22. "I so love your products. I have given many of them as gifts and use them myself. I am so in love with the New Mama Bottom Spray!" Lara E.

  23. "I broke my bottle of New Mama Bottom Spray and I panicked. This stuff is amazing — it's the best. I can't imagine healing from a vaginal birth without it, and I'm going to tell all my friends about it!" Mary Ellen Lancaster, PA

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