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Earth Mama Angel Baby SealsEarth Mama Angel Baby Seals
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It's great to be expecting an angel, but while your body is preparing for your gift from heaven, your tummy feels like it's doing jumping jacks! When every little smell is suddenly a challenge and those morning queasies often last all day long, USDA Certified 100% Organic, Certified Kosher and Non-GMO Project Verified ginger-minty Morning Wellness Tea is a comforting way to help get you through the day!

Blended with stomach settling Ginger Root and Spearmint, a safe hint of Peppermint, and soothing Chamomile and Lemon Balm with just a yummy twist of Orange Peel for flavor.

All Earth Mama teas are naturally caffeine free, in biodegradable, easy to brew tea bags. 100% recycled and recyclable cartons. Steep, sip and enjoy!

Check out what the American Botanical Council says about the safety and efficacy of ginger and other herbs.

Click here for delicious tea recipes!

• Certified by Oregon Tilth
• Non-GMO Project Verified
• Gluten-free
Earth Mama Angel Baby SealsEarth Mama Angel Baby SealsEarth Mama Angel Baby SealsEarth Mama Angel Baby Seals
Zingiber officinale (organic ginger) root, Mentha spicata (organic spearmint) leaf, Matricaria recutita (organic Chamomile) flower, Citrus sinensis (organic orange) peel, Melissa officinalis (organic Lemon Balm) leaf, Mentha piperita (organic peppermint) leaf
  1. "This tea is absolutely amazing. I have been extremely sick for weeks ( 8 weeks pregnant) and nothing has taken away the nausea but this!!! My doctor has me on diclectin & it has only eased the physical sickness, this took away my nausea almost instantly!! Recommend this to the fullest!!" Cassandra

  2. "This tea is amazing! I have spent weeks with all day sickness and I have tried everything from Preggie Pops to essential oils, when a sales clerk suggested I try this tea. I have only used it for two days, but it has been a glorious two days!" Ashley

  3. "This tea was a lifesaver in both my pregnancies. I had all-day sickness for almost 6 months both times and sipping on this tea through out the day helped me feel not so queasy and avoid throwing up. I love this tea and recommend it to anyone I know who is pregnant! Plus it just tastes yummy and is good for the body :)" Gina

  4. "I am currently expecting baby #2 and, like with my first, the morning sickness was bad...worse even! I was excited to finally get to use this tea, until I had my first cup. Turned out, I could not stomach hot/warm beverages of any kind. Ice cold was the only thing I could tolerate. I was really bummed, until a light went off in my head. One morning, when I was feeling particularity ill, I decided to brew the Morning Wellness Tea double strength and poured it over ice. PERFECTION!!! It tastes great (maybe even better, over ice) and I found it to be really helpful. Thankfully, I have been feeling much better the last week or so (15 weeks along now) but, I still enjoy this tea over ice and I know it's safe for baby & I. You guys should suggest trying it iced on your box for those who might not be able to stomach warm liquids." Amanda

  5. "Hi there. I am 7 weeks along with my second baby and I have been feeling miserable. My husband and I found this tea at the store and I decided to try it this morning. Oh my goodness, what an answer to prayer, I feel like myself again. I have been feeling extremely nauseous and have been having trouble taking care of my 19 month old. I am so excited to feel better thanks to this tea! I am even excited to do laundry again. Woohoo. I'll be buying several more boxes to make it through the morning sickness as long as it stays around. Thank you God!" Jenny

  6. "This tea is fabulous. It's not just for pregnant bellies, but for any upset belly!" Toni

  7. "So helpful, I am sad I discovered your products were available in Canada later in pregnancy. I wish I would have known before as this helped me a lot." Audrey

  8. "When I was pregnant with my first, I had hyperemisis gravidarium. I lost 30 pounds and had to be rushed in for an IV once for severe dehydration. I was on prescription meds for it. I hate meds and they made me sleep all the time which I hated too. I was able to get some Morning Wellness Tea and it helped me a lot with the queasies. I was even able to get off the prescription sooner thanks to having Morning Wellness Tea! I will never go another pregnancy without it! It's my morning sickness hero!" Jessica

  9. "It tastes delicious and works. What more is there to say?" Raphaelle

  10. "As someone living with HIV I deal with sickness on a regular basis . I am currently 26 weeks pregnant and I swear by this product to help with the sickness from both being pregnant and the HIV medications. I have a VERY hard time eating or drinking anything in the morning but this is the one product I found that doesn't upset my stomach . I'm always recommending it to women who are expecting and dealing with sickness . I love that the product is organic , kosher and caffeine free! I also love the fact that the bags are compostable and biodegradable I hope in the near future to try some of your baby products because I know I will enjoy them just as much , if not more then the tea . Thanks for such an amazing product!" Brittany!

  11. "This tea is amazing not only has it helped me get through my pregnancy so far, But it is also helping me get through an upper respiratory infection. I have bought four boxes and drink several cups a day. Thank you for making such a wonderful product!! My baby boy definitely appreciates it!!!" Lauren S.

  12. "I finally found this tea toward the end of my first trimester, and it was a lifesaver with the constant nausea I experienced. I drank 1-2 cups in the morning and one in the afternoon." Natalie

  13. "I bought your Morning Wellness Tea when I was pregnant with my third baby. I found that it takes the edge off of morning sickness but also realized it was good for my hubby and kids when they have an upset stomach or just aren't feeling good. It really does make them feel better and anytime their tummy hurts or they have a stomach bug they ask for a cup of tea!" Elizabeth F.

  14. "I just wanted to say how thankful that I am to you all. I ordered your Morning Wellness Tea two days ago and was not expecting to receive it for 5-6 days (I had it shipped ground). To my amazement I received the package today! When I looked at the box it said priority, I was so blessed that you all considered it priority to get a sick momma her tea even though she could not afford to send it priority herself. I'm feeling better already, just after my first cup! Thank you so much!" MaryBoston, MA

  15. "Morning Wellness Tea really works! It's so amazing, I go crazy when I can't find my cup of tea. I was so sick and after I drank the first cup of tea, I was able to keep my first meal down in a week. I was worried I'd be sick through this whole pregnancy. Thank you so much for this awesome tea!!" Cassandra Portland, OR

  16. "Your Morning Wellness Tea is a miracle! My stomach seriously feels so much better. When I feel sick in the evenings I have a cup and instantly feel better! Thank you so much." Heather

  17. "Thanks so much for the morning sickness [Morning Wellness] tea! I have Hyperemesis (constant nausea and vomiting) and am 14 weeks along. This tea is the ONLY remedy that eases my sickness, and I have tried EVERYTHING! As soon as I make my tea, I can rest assured my breakfast (and dinner) will finally stay down! Thanks a million! I just ordered 2 more!" Mindy, Southern California

  18. "I'm a very busy work-at-home-mom of 6, and morning sickness was absolutely debilitating with my latest pregnancy. Nothing helped until I tried Earth Mama Angel Baby's Morning Wellness Tea. It is amazing! I had such relief every time I drank a cup. Finally, I am now able to get back to my life and enjoy this pregnancy!" Kim

  19. "I wanted to send a quick note to tell you how much I love the Morning Wellness Tea. My doula friend brought me a Morning Wellness Gift Bucket a few weeks ago and your Morning Wellness Tea was included. I have had unbelievable morning sickness, sometimes 6 times per day. The only thing that makes me feel better is your tea. I just ordered two more jars to help get me through the final few weeks of my first trimester. This is a fantastic product, you should be very proud!" Jodie

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Formulated for pregnancy morning sickness, but useful for any nausea (dads love it too!), Morning Wellness Tea settles an urpy tummy with ginger and spearmint along with a hint of peppermint, chamomile and lemon balm. Sophisticated enough for a fancy-pants brunch yet easy enough to make for a crowd, this will be a hit at any tea party!

Mama’s Ginger Mint Mock-Tea-Ni


  • 1 Box (16 tea bags) Earth Mama Angel Baby Morning Wellness Tea
  • 12 small pieces of candied ginger
  • 24 oz. (2 bottles) Reed’s Original Ginger Ale
  • 42 oz. organic cranberry juice (100% juice)
  • 1 small piece fresh ginger root
  • 3 Tbsp. fine organic sugar


  • Brew one box Morning Wellness Tea extra strong with about 12 small pieces of candied ginger and steep for 5-10 minutes.
  • Use approximately. 64 ounces of water and allow to cool with the tea bags still in the water. Refrigerate well and remove tea bags.
  • Add 42 ounces cranberry juice and 2 bottles of ginger ale. Or make your own organic ginger ale, using the recipe here.
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